Commander’s Intent = Save for Retirement

I’m reading another great book, “Made to Stick” by Chip & Dan Heath (Brothers). Early in the book they write about “Commander’s Intent” a concept developed by the United States Army in the 1980’s that changed the planning process for battle plans. Apparently most of history’s battle plans turned out to be useless because according to Colonel Tom Kolditz “No plan survives contact with the enemy.” LOVE THAT!

Commander’s Intent seeks to keep everyone focused on what is most important.

In the design of Non-Qualified Benefit Plans sPlan5 has two objectives:

1 – Keep the plan design clean, simple and easy to understand and administer. This will result in lower cost and clearer communication.

2 – Always focus on the primary purpose of the plan which is to save for retirement.

Non-Qualified Plans can be designed with many design features and nuances which a few key executives will use but most do not. It is always tempting to build more and more features into a plan but this will usually result in diminishing benefit returns.

Let’s keep plan design beautifully simple:

– Focus on Retirement
– Think Long Term

At sPlan5 we believe that simplicity increases effectiveness with reduced costs. Some might argue that some executives will not participate in a plan because it does not have enough “flexibility” created by adding complicated features. But how many people do not participate because they don’t understand what is being proposed? And don’t you think it is true that every person is unique? The temptation is to design a plan that can cover all contingencies. But that might just create more questions than answers.

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” ~ Albert Einstein

Commander’s Intent = Save for Retirement – Let’s not forget this!!!!

By the way, “Made to Stick” = Great Book – Thank you to my daughter Rebecca for the gift of this book!

Thank you for reading.

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