“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker

sPlan5 is: AN OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE changing the way they, they customers, feel about themselves and tell their own stories.

We are building a business, some might call it a movement, around people, not products. sPlan5 focuses on helping people tell the stories about themselves and the enterprises they run.

Not long before I left my former employer my team worked on an intriguing and sad project. The majority owner of the business learned he was terminally ill with maybe six months to live. It was important to him that he set in place a plan to retain and reward his top three executives. He needed the 100+ employees to know a strategy was in place to secure the future.

The owner told a story about himself, to his employees and to his family. It was a story saying he cared, it was his legacy and the best way to create the company’s future.

If we had focused on plans, strategies, financials and products we might have run out of time. If we had not kept the plan simple it might never had been implemented. sPlan5 in some ways has its ancestry in a case like this, the story of the customer and a commitment to keeping it simple.

I would like to recommend a book to you – “True Story” by Ty Montague. Ty Let me know what you think about his beliefs about “Metastory.” If this makes sense to you let’s engage.

People are hungry, not to buy products but hungry to tell their stories. By telling their stories they will create communities of like minded people. These community members are our customers.

Until next time!

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